KB Studios

Who we are & what we do

We care about you and your work the way we care about us and our business. Let’s make the best we can! 

As the name suggests, KB Studios is a collection of various activities or studios. We aim to help people who need quality market penetration strategy, building or improving their brand and marketing strategy, website, and everything related to how others see and perceive you. Our services include a professional photography studio, design studio, marketing, and web. Each of us is educated in all categories and specializes in one, so we are a small, but dynamic, creative studio that works efficiently in all areas of work.


For us, teamwork is the enthusiasm we share for common interests and the process of learning from each other in a stimulating environment.

In the KB office, teamwork unites and motivates us to trust each other so that we can achieve all the set goals within the deadline.

Also, this way of working facilitates our progress and enables us to overcome all the obstacles we encounter along the way.

We are different – that is our advantage! Each of our work goes through several hands and thus we achieve the minimum number of errors with an optimal result.



Photographer, Graphic designer & Social media manager


UX/UI & Web designer


Photographer & Content creator