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Building & creating

a visual identity to

make a brand with a soul

creation process

From brand design to custom solutions built from the ground up or rebranding & refreshing.


Like any other, we like to start this process with communication. It’s an integral part of adequate service and takes place before, during, and after the completion of the project.


After we have communicated your wishes, it’s time to take action. We start with sketches and work through 3 design solutions, based on the project, developed brand story, or existing brand.


After getting to the final product, we continue to development of documentation of the brand rules, style guides, and how elements like logos, typography, and colors should work together.


After payment, the materials, and all rights to them are yours, and we deliver them in the desired format. To support digital marketing efforts, you get bonus materials according to the specifics of your social media channels.

brand in a nutshell

Take a second to think about one of your favorite brands. Something memorable will likely pop into your mind. That’s because a brand’s visual identity is a powerful tool for telling a company’s story.

A brand is the “personality” of a business, a concept that helps people recognize a particular product or company. It represents a set of values, traits, and emotions that form the basis of the business. While branding is a set of activities, with the intention of growing your business and driving brand awareness.

Visual identity is a set of graphic elements, and photographs that create a cohesive and recognizable appearance of a company or product. A well-designed visual identity helps customers and clients identify with a brand or product, making it easier for them to remember and associate certain qualities or characteristics.

A logotype or a logo is a symbol or combination of text and graphic elements that help a user or customer identify brands. It’s the simplest form that is used to tell the entire story of Your brand. 


Are defined by delivering the highest value, delivered in the shortest amount of time.

high standard

Trends are fleeting, but functionality and timeless design are not. Our approach ensures top functionality, and in addition to expertise, we listen carefully to the client and strive to provide a product to be proud of and brag about on the web, social networks, and the like!


Delivery of a brand package can sometimes take months. We are proud to say that we have reduced that process to as little as 30 days*

Contact us and request a free estimate.


Value is the ratio of invested and received. Something that is expensive can be very valuable or worthless, it all depends on the ratio of what is received and what is invested, and the price is only one side of the story.

We provide as much value as possible.

*delivery time mostly depends on the project, for an accurate estimate contact us via the form or at info@kbstudios.hr​

our projects

We take pride in working with our clients to apply our knowledge, and help them achieve a desired result.


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